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Membership has its advantages!

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When you become a member of the STAY OUT OF MY ER website you gain access to articles not available to non-members.


You can also join our discussion group and communicate with us and with other members.

Write and ask Dr. Buckler questions or make comments on a subject of your choice.  You can also add comments to existing topics in the Discussion Forum.

Sign up today and try us out.  You can cancel your membership at any time if you are not happy with what you see and what you get.


In the Members Only section of the website you can read true stories of actual ER cases.

Read about: THE BOY WITH THE HEADACHE   An elusive cause for a common complaint

                   A PAIN IN THE NECK   How could a seemingly simple pain turn out to be so bad?

                   THE HATCHET MAN   An unwanted patient teaches us all something.

                   SILENT SHE SITS   A young mother's heartbreak.

                   GET BUCKLERIZED   Facing challenges can be rewarding.

                   and more stories.



You can also read Dr.B's thoughts on a number of topics, some that might surprise you.

Enjoy exploring the site and please contact us with your questions and comments.

We would like some feedback on what you might like to see on the site that we are not  providing.


To Become a Member

Joining now will give you immediate access to all the resources in the member's only section. To join, use our Secure Online Order Form.

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