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About this Site

STAY OUT OF MY ER !  A Doctor's Guide to Avoiding the Emergency Room.


The comments on this website are in no way meant to be medical advice.  Any and all information, comments and suggestions are intended to be of a purely educational, informational and entertainment nature, nothing more. 

Please always consult with your health care provider or go to your local emergency room if you feel you have any medical problem or need medical assistance or advice.  

If you, or a family member or friend, are suffering from any condition you believe to be a true emergency, please immediately call 911 or your local emergency provider.

Marlene Buckler, MD, FACEP



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Bio on Dr. Marlene Buckler
An ER doctor with experience in many fields. . . . keep reading
STAY OUT OF MY E.R. A Doctor's Guide to Avoiding the Emergency Room
Marlene Buckler, MD, FACEP
A new website is opening to help you stay out of the emergency room. . . . keep reading
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