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People are talking about the website

Here is what some readers say about the  STAY OUT OF MY ER !  website.


Dr. Buckler,

I just wanted to let you know that your tips always make me smile.
Your advice is presented in such a candid way I feel like I am getting an email from an old friend.  Keep up the great work - your site will
be a HUGE success!

Laura Famino,  Membergate


Greetings Marlene!
I spent some time at this morning and wanted to
share a few thoughts with you . . .

1. I really love the layout -- it is professional and easy to navigate. 2. The larger text option is a great idea! 3. Nice to see the recent article link about you.

I think you have a wonderful site with a great deal of helpful information for people!

Donna L. Pikula Award-Winning Author

Books 2 Help You, LLC P.O. Box 130 Hartland, MI 48353 Phone: 517-545-7600 Fax: 517-545-7602 E-mail: URL:




Such talent - and living next door to me. Lucky me.  When you hit the best seller list, I'll organize your book signings
I just read some of your great articles for members only. "Chest Pain"  brought tears to my eyes.  You tell a moving story and that is the secret of your success.  Each tale touches an inner core. It's as if I were there with you at the time.  It's real. Thank you, thank you for my membership. Tonight I will hand out your web site to the people at our bridge game.  Everyone should enjoy you.  We need to get you a sponser/ tv show/on Oprah/all of the above.

Roofmate, Jean Farley



ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WEB SITE!!!!!!!  Will pass it along to all your buddies around here!  Boy, I really enjoyed your "Tip of the Week" today!  Will be sharing that info with everybody - lots of whom need it, including me!  Thanks!  

Emma Lou Thompson



Greetings...thanks for sharing your website.  Delightful website!  I like your philosophy of medicine.
I'd like to share my website with you...     and an attachment with my schedule
of presentations in Hawaii for the next two weeks.
I will tell others about your site.

Dr. Arthur Harvey



Dear Doctor Buckler:

I share your thoughts on promoting world peace beginning in each and every home.  Losing our sons & daughters in years of heartless combat in foreign countries certainly doesn't make sense.
I recently listened to an opinion of politicians of the USA by a young 16 yr. old
lad while travelling in a Super Shuttle from St. Petersburg Florida to Tampa airport.
He felt the politicians are indulging in personal gain by engaging in the wars in Iraq and Afganistan and gave many specific examples.  He expressed how much more can be done for the people & the economy of the USA instead of spending millions of US tax dollars in a senseless war.
As I sat there quietly, my thoughts were--maybe this young man could someday be President of the United States.  He certainly had some very positive peaceful ideas for the future.

Marie Buckler



   I promised I'd send you my comments on your web-page.  I think it's a very good, folksy, practical publication, and I have no argument with any of your perspectives in the four issues I read.  After all, who can argue with the virtues of exercise or of avoiding unnecessary antibiotics?  On the obesity issue, I used to tell my patients that "I used to be fat, but that's all behind me now."
    I suppose it's always a big question mark as to the extent to which such publications actually change peoples' health-related behavior for the better, or improve health outcomes, but if you're anything like me, you know that it makes YOU feel better to get your views out there.
    Anyway, thanks again for taking me into your crowd of admirers, and keep up the good work! 

Love, Dick Goldbloom, MD  (Pediatrician)




I was so happy to see your new web site, which of course I visited.  I think you have found your calling with the combination of being a doctor and writing.  I think there is a real need nowadays to acknowledge that maybe all the medicine has hurt, not helped, us

Diana James  (Airline pilot)



I love your website!!!  I am sending it all around!!  Great work!

 Maureen France

Director of Marketing & Business Development




WELL , I just went on it and I LOVE it !  Huge congratulations to you on that one
- well designed and interactive ....GEEZ I am impressed.  Great subject matter which I am going to spend more time looking through tomorrow.  I am really excited just thinking about what it may develop into for you go girl !!!!!  WOW !!
Well done Marlene.  I truly love the language or tone of the messages - it is
exactly how you talk and I believe the frankness and straight talk will be a hit
to most readers.  May be a few ol fuddy - duddies, but worry pas !  Stay the
course.  I think of Dr. Ruth and all her straight talking on sex matters -  well,
now the world has Dr. B ...and diarrhea from hell ...and I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!...the technical elements of your website are supurbely done .  I'm not a high end techy by any stretch, however just the cookies message to me was classic - a clear and simple technical response which any tool head should understand. 

Rene Belanger



Hi Marlene!

I love your web site!  I just read your blog (true about the child in all of
us longing for Christmas) and the article about obesity and the ER.  Great

Tracey Thompson



 I checked out your website.  It's great!  I now have your 'Use It or Lose It' artcle on my fridge door.'s a start!  I blame the weather...

Heather Grant



Hi Marlene,

 Your site looks great -- congratulations!

Warm Regards,

John Carter 




What a fantastic website.  I'm very optimistic, it will do well.
Sonny Sager, MD
Emergency Physician
Loved your web site.
I am also one of those Las vegas idiots who usually goes to an overly expensive hotel for a conferance.  Maybe I should try Motel 6.  All I want is a clean, safe room.  Could care less if I have 150 channels of junk to look at or if I want to lose all my money at a casino.  Maybe Las vegas should wake up.  I personally want a good reason to spend $200.00 a night at a hotel..... Can't find one.  Give me a good room and a reasonable price... Bag the casino.
Hello Marlene:
This is going to be a GREAT looking site.  It really is professional and I'm glad you're moving forward with it.  Kudos.
Sam Horn 
Author and keynote speaker.  MC of the annual Maui Writers Conference
Dear Dr. Buckler:
Thanks for the article. I am enjoying receiving "Dr. B's Tip of the week".
We cannot control our feelings, but do have the power to control our actions, although it is very difficult at times.
Keep up the good work.
Norma Macdonald
Hi Marlene,
Your website is so wonderful and helpful to me personally. I hope you'll also join MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other social network sites so that more people can benefit from your knowledge and wisdom!! Yaaaayyyy Marlene!
Alice Cash, PhD.
Congrats Marlene,
As a nursing class mate ( VG Class '68 ) I was fascinated to learn  your
circuitous career path led you to this  destination. I think it is an excellent
way for you to share your knowledge as well as some of those experiences ; your
style is friendly, humorous and helpful to many who don't often see the very
human side of an Emergencey Room Dr which you provide. Will keep reading 'n'
Best wishes always--Gail ( Christie) Logie, RN
 Dr. Buckler,


Great job on providing another excellent tip!  For a long time I have had Gandhi's quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world" posted in a prominent place.  Every time I read it or hear the message somewhere in my travels, it inspires me to redouble my efforts. 


Thanks for the continued inspiration!


Laura Famino   Membergate



Gee, I like these articles we get regularly.  They force us to stop and think about important subjects.  Thank you. 
Warren Barker
 It doesn't  matter what I am doing, I stop to read the Tip of the week.  It's always worthwhile.
     Last week it was so appropriate , I made a copy to file and printed one for George. 
Nancy Burchill
Hi Marlene,
Loved your tip on being in control of you. If nothing else, one must have the moral responsibility of being intelligent.  I think you should gaither your little stories and publish a book.  They would be great for a hospital patient. Short and profound.  You could sell them in the gift shops at hospitals. You could speak to Nimbus Publishing while in Halifax. I'll give you a wonderful blurb. Some of my friends are printing your stories and saving them in a scrapebook. 
Cheers,  Beatrice MacNeil 
Best selling and award winning author

















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